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ABCs Up in the Trees is an alphabet from Nature guiding us to our own True Nature, Joy! It’s natural for us to be happy and have fun, to be healthy and well, abundant, and prosperous. It’s natural for us to dream, to pretend and play, to imagine, sing, and dance. It’s natural for us to be confident, successful, and free to create all that we want. It’s natural to feel good!

We can feel good more of the time when we are deliberately aware of what we give our attention to – what we think, what we speak, what we read, listen to, watch, and the action we take, noticing how it all feels and choosing only what feels good to us.

Our Emotional Guidance System constantly monitors the feeling tone of our focus and signals the right choice through our feelings. If it feels good, go for it. If it doesn’t feel good, walk away, turn your back, change your thoughts, etc.

As an elementary teacher, I used these ideas in my classes and loved watching my students apply them to their individual circumstances. One day, a first grader arrived at school late and joined us on the playground. Eager for fun, he observed two groups, one with his best friend and others having some problems and one with other friends having fun. I could just hear his practiced thoughts. Hmmm, which feels better? In an instant he joined the fun group and enjoyed his playtime. Simple choice, positive impact!

Intentionally making feel-good choices literally attracts more feel-good to all areas of your life. So, in each moment, practice choosing what feels best to you and, in a very short time, feeling good will become second nature to you, and all that you want will come flowing. . .

Each morning, say this positive intention: Today I will only look for what feels good to me.



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